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  • Superior and Innovative Technology

  • Integrated Red and Near-Infrared Lights

  • Easy and Safe to Use

  • Highest Quality 

  • Designed for Flexible and Comfortable Usage

  • Dependable and Successful Results

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At Trifecta Light we have seen and experienced how red light therapy has helped thousands of people who struggle with a multitude of health conditions – ranging from inflammation, non-healing wounds, sports injuries, exercise recovery, insomnia, neuropathy, dementia, weight loss issues, chronic fatigue, skin disorders, headaches and many more.

Our mission is to provide effective and dependable devices that rejuvenates and help heal the human body at cellular level, safely, easily, and comfortably. 

The Trifecta Light Pad System is designed to be easily and comfortably administered to any surface area of the body. They are 100% safe and extremely versatile for a multitude of purposes. Our pads are flexible, reliable, and easy to use. The combination of both red light and near-infrared LEDs makes Trifecta Light Pad System far superior in its effectiveness allowing us to deliver results with confidence.


Trifecta Light Pad System uses a high intensity LED system which can produce a beam with optimum refraction and strength, resulting in a much higher rate of absorption compared to traditional laser treatments. Whereas fat cells absorb approximately 40% of the light energy in a regular laser treatment, they average a 70% absorption rate during Trifecta Light therapy.


The Trifecta Light Pad System is made up of over 10,000 powerful "high intensity" LEDs.  The unit includes a face mask, chin pad and 6 large, sturdy, and flexible pads all of which can easily cover all priority regions at once. 



  • Superior to other LED devices as well as low level lasers, without the risks  

  • Soft and flexible pads make them easy to wrap around any part of the body

  • Multiport Controller allows you to fully treat up to eight regions in a single session

  • Easy to operate touch screen controller

  • Quick and convenient 20 min treatments with no recovery time

  • Easy to clean and keep sanitary for each appointment

  • Direct contact on the skin for a more concentrated and deep penetration

  • Evenly dispersed red and near-infrared lighting 

  • Can be easily positioned for targeted treatment

  • Flexible, portable, and can easily be shifted from room to room

  • Any trained staff member can administer the treatment 


Total of over 10,400 high intensity diodes (Integrated Red and Near-Infrared)

Large Pad:   1296 Red Lights, 648 Near-Infrared Lights (1944 x 2 = 3888)   (35"x11.5")

Medium Pad:   1008 Red Lights, 504 Near-Infrared Lights (1512 x 2 = 3024)   (28"x11.5")

Small Pad:   720 Red Lights, 360 Near-Infrared Lights (1080 x 2 = 32160)   (21"x11.5")

Face Mask:   360 Red Lights, 720 Near-Infrared Lights (1080)   (26"x11.5")

Chin Pad:   180 Red Lights, 90 Near-Infrared Lights (270)   (11"x7")


Built to FDA's ISO 60601 requirements

CE compliant to European standards

Designed to have zero EMF

ISO 13485 compliant ISO (International medical manufacturing supplier)


More tissue coverage than any other system

Very easy to set up and disinfect between clients

Warranty: 3 years including parts & labor


The Trifecta Light Pad System offers many advantages. Having flexible pads that directly target specific areas on the body is very effective for those patients in need of a more concentrated treatment. 


Stay ahead of the competition with the Trifecta Light Pad System. It’s a unique and innovative healing technology that every practitioner and health and wellness business owner should be offering their clientele.  

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